NeeRain rooftop rainwater filter

  • NeeRain is a simple , scientific and sensible raintwater filter.
  • Saves millions of litres of fresh, soft and pure rainwater life time.
  • Can be installed by a local plumber within two hours
  • Is truly modular, ready to use rainwater filter.
  • Doesn’t need manual intervention for saving rainwater
  • Has transparent Lid, one can see harvesting live
  • Has no moving parts and requires no maintenance
  • Doesn’t need electricity
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NeeRain + Roof and Surface Rainwater filter

  • NeeRain+ is non clogging roof and surface rainwater filter
  • Ready to use, plug and play and flexible
  • SS 304 wedge wire design with high open area
  • Microfiltration up to 500 Micron
  • Easy backwash, Maintenance free
  • No electricity required
  • No consumables, no other recurring cost
  • Consistent in variation of rainfall intensity

Rain is a Soul blossoming in Nature.

Start rain water conservation
to prevent future dehydration.

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